Features Overview

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Balance is not a set-it-and-forget it principal, it is a daily process according to internal and external factors. Hygienics are the study of these processes and are regimented to encourage beauty, wisdom, enlightenment, compassion, creativity. These are attributes of those who walk this path and are now unswayed by temptations, ego or judgements. Extremism in anything can lead to unnecessary challenges. Balance is a stable dance floor for a graceful enjoyment of Life.


Wholeness is our entire being living in harmony, where conflict is used as a tool, not a destructive force that separates us from our Path. As we remain in Balance, we are the master of our ship. As an internal master, we put all our pieces in order and avoid being subjected to inner & outer conflict. Conflict can leave us as victims to self-sabotaging behavior & actions, or it can be a friction that ignites an internal passion for Wholeness. We can recognize that our external circumstances are a reflection of of our internal world and learn to work with them as opportunities. Wholeness is a deep sense of Companionship, Union and Prosperity with Truth.


Innerstanding is the ability to recognize that the world outside & inside of ourselves is playing out for us to come into Balance & Wholeness. It is a deep & rich comprehension and resonance with Truth. It is Wisdom that knows Truth through experience. It is Beauty that is exuded through an essence of feeling Truth. It is Strength to serve what is True in the face of what is not. It is union with all that is!