The function of a Sacred Space Generator is its ability to filter Living bio-energy. With an abundance of clean bio-energy, there is a clear opportunity for right living, speaking & thinking--leading to a shift in consciousness.

Establishing a clearer awareness of everything inside and outside of the self, we will learn to innerstand the potential power of Love Energy. Love energy will help one realize that All is Self. Once we begin to act upon what we Care about, we can manifest our spiritual evolution for our self.

Filtered, clean life force energy aids in shifting perception to act with the expansive power of Love. True Love is the universal compassion for yourself and others. True Love is caring for the well being of all and remaining open to experiencing the Truth. Most of all, True Love expands consciousness. This means acting in universal balance, not remaining in the judgements & polarities of what is deemed right or wrong, but what is aligned with natural, Universal Laws. Simply, the line that separates the Yin from the Yang.

In this sense, Sacred Space Generators, and their subsequent balanced energy fields, allow us to direct our path and not be tossed by the rough seas of life. We can be in the controller seat as direct manifestors of our own reality. This is also known as the Generative Principle; energy flows where attention goes. When we focus on what we Care about, the mechanics of the reality begin to move in our favor through synchronicity. All intents will be brought forth when the energy surrounding your being is clear of static & dead bio-energy. Imagine having a direct connection to tune into your true & higher self.

A clean energetic environment is conducive for concentration, manifestation, learning, comfort and ease. Allow the joy in your life - follow the path that creates excitement within you. That feeling is your cue that your path has been aligned to a higher path of purpose. The life you are currently living may be altered because you have now chosen to have intentions to allow new ideas, love, abundance and transformation onto your path. If those things do not currently exist on your path, then the path will adjust to suit the intentions you have set. Ultimately, Sacred Space Generators are a key to unlock the door to what you want, but you must be the one to take action and walk through it.

We must see that these devices and crystals will not solely nor directly manifest everything you want. They will, however, aid in guiding you to a purposeful path and you will have to be the one to Know, Understand and Act on your intentions. Your intentions are amplified from the mental plane, the plane of Causality, where all things start as thought to then become manifested in the physical plane through action. Making the choice to be on this path, you are a co-creator and will never be contradicted by the universe--it will always support you. Allow the inner calling to enter your path through synchronicity; being in the right place, at the right moment, with exactly whom you need to be with. All things will be organized and you will attract the desired effects when you open yourself to knowing and understanding truth. Remove your doubts, fears and frustrations, they are illusions that halter growth and consciousness and they are meant only to be signals.

It is important to note: Manifested conditions will persistently exist if you continue to resist what must be learned from those conditions. When resisted, the conditions, or repeated experiences, will multiply at a higher frequency and will gradually amplify if left unchanged. Simply, by not dealing with the current conditions, you will attract even more undesirable experiences at an even faster rate. Understanding what patterns need to change is the easy part, performing the actions and truly changing ones current situation is, of course, the most difficult. A new outcome will be generated by adjusting your current subconscious programming. This means taking action, growth through education & acceptance, opening the self to a deeper understanding of wisdom, controlling the ego, balancing the chakras and so on. Remaining passive is simply adhering to the subconscious mind's habitual program. Accepting everything as it is and allowing those conditions to remain just as they are will only keep you in a perpetual cycle of stagnation. Sacred Space Generators are intended to help you raise your energy, lift away the blocks and attract personal freedom.

As your morality increases, or, in other words, your desire to do action that is aligned with to the will of the universe, your freedom will also increase. Freedom is the goal of everything, to not be held in slavery to anything external so that we may directly impact the evolution of consciousness. The beliefs or knowledge you choose to live by will dictate the path you are on. Realize that tools & allies such as sacred Space Generators exist to assist us in manifesting the path of beauty & wisdom. Simply, choose to allow your intentions to form as thoughts, feel them as emotions as they already exist and act as they already are. These devices can help you tune into finding a frequency of balance; as you think, so you feel, thus you will act and behave. This is the end of our slavery to duality and the beginning of our reign over it - Ride it or be riddled by it. Freedom will create wholeness within the self, to know that you have all the answers intuitively and limitless power and thus you will create all you need to have.