When in balance, we are connected to our intuition; the guidance of one's most refined way of being.

A state of balanced energy will lead us to become aligned with our true self; the part of us that already knows what choices to make. Chrysalis Orgone Generators will affect everyone differently. We have experienced its phenomena to be likened to a mirror that refracts what is in need of being seen; to have clarity of the imbalances in our life, within & without. A refraction test is used in routine eye examinations to determine one's clarity of the eye. Can we truly see the 'way' if our vision is dull? Can we make balanced, right action if light is distorted as it moves through the lens of our eye? Blurry sight creates confusion, so are prescribed a pair of glasses to compensate for the lack of optimal, perfect vision. Sacred Space Generators assist us in having 20/20 vision - not of our physical eye, but with our spiritual eye.

How Sacred Space Can Impact You

Energy is free to be used by everyone; widely available and accessible by anybody at any time. All organic beings are Generators of Orgone themselves - if optimum conditions are present in the body and our being is capable of allowing the 'flow' to move through us. A mineralized, alkaline body is electric and emanates natural orgone energy from within to the external environment and back to itself. Hence, energy flows where attention goes. And, what you give, you receive back.

Sacred Space Generators and other energetic balancing devices can assist us in manipulating this energy to our benefit, depending on the actions we choose to take. Sacred Space is a clean energy field that is supportive and uplifting for our being where creativity is sparked, intuition is clear, balance is effortless, faculties are refined, the mind is relaxed and the heart is imbuded with great love. In this way, we are encouraged to make the changes that will need to occur in our own life to manifest the conditions we desire. If we work alongside of it, as any craftsman utilizes their tools, and we ask to align to Truth, this device can be a manifestation magnet as much as it is a mirror.

Let's face it, a Sacred Space Generator is not a pet rock that will end all of your daily dilemmas. They won't make your bed in the morning or complete your chores. However, by creating a balanced energy field in your surrounding vicinity, one can achieve greater clarity of mind & body to act with ease & grace. Likewise, this balance in the environmental field will resonate inwards as well-being is restored within. Devices can correct the stagnate, distorted energy blanketing environmental atmospheres, and thus provide clean energy that can be directed to personal growth. Ultimately, you will be presented with the opportunity to make choices leading to a more fulfilling lifestyle and mature as an individual.

Who can Benefit?

Every person experiences the life-enhancing qualities of these devices differently. Each experience will be unique based on the individual’s needs. Likewise, the devices do not require your acceptance or belief to work. Although we encourage you to direct your intention into the device’s embeded crystals & stones to amplify the desired purpose & results. You are not required to if you don't feel it is necessary, as it will work regardless but to a lesser degree. Sacred Space Generators are already aware of their own surroundings and will work continuously without added effort.

Generators are currently working in my home to harmonious our vibration to that of the Truth, create abundance, protect my family/friends and aid in manifestation. This information presented is based on intuition, experiences and connection with those utilize our devices. We provide devices to help those who are unable to make the devices themselves and hope to spread their utility throughout our community. Sacred Space Devices are powerful tools for all those on the path of Selfhood to enhance life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Generators can help you work with bio-energy, as it not only releases filtered energy into the environment but also can transmute the state energy from one form to another.  It is especially suited to passively convert negative energy in an area to balanced, healthy energy. It can be applied in a wide variety of alternative health, meditation practices and other metaphysical uses.

If you already work in alternative healthcare, these devices make great tools in any yoga studio, massage or reiki session or meditation room. Any business using high numbers of electronics will benefit from the device's ability to curb any electromagnetic pollution/radiation issues. Those working in high pressure careers or jobs have noted easier navigation in relationships with their clients, peers and co-workers.

Orgone Generators can also be used at home to achieve a more balanced, peaceful state, in schools to help brain function of students and create better learning environments, and in front of your computer or at work to help the negative impact of the multitude of electronics we are surrounded with daily.

Uses & Benefits

Previous customers have reported the following benefits:

  • Changes in luck and positive interactions with others

  • Physical Manifestation of Intentions/Dreams

  • Purification of the Atmosphere

  • Transmutation of Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Protection from Fear

  • Happier, more stable home life

  • Create a balanced Meditation Space

  • Enhanced Psychic Abilities

  • Higher awareness, Improved Energy & Mood

  • Aids in Insomnia & Nightmare Relief

  • Lucid dreaming is restored

  • Pineal Gland Decalcification

  • Pain relief, especially when used with Reiki

  • Menstruation cramp relief

  • Accelerated plant growth and larger crop yields

  • Leave them in your Fridge or Pantry for longer shelf life

  • Great tools in crystal therapy