We collect the materials, set YOUR intention and build the Generator to your specific needs.

We work one-on-one with clients' specific intentions & goals to pinpoint imbalances & utilize the balancing functions of a Crystalis Amulets & of Orgone Generators. During customization of a personalized device, we work with our patron’s underlying challenges - a process of healing within itself.

Each custom project is initiated with a Intuitive Counseling Session. This is done through setting up a video transmission, phone reading or email conversation. This payment of $44 for 15-30 minutes will contribute towards the final price of your device. If more time is needed or desired on your end, it can be provided for additional cost.

Please complete the form below. You can be as specific as you'd like. The more we know, the easier it is to assist your needs. Once your form is completed, you will be contacted via e-mail regarding our complete customization process.

Custom Pieces and recent work

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Payment request for $44 will be sent to the email provided above. Scheduling will be done through follow-up emails.
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In order to meet all your needs, let us know if you have a financial budget in mind. In certain cases, we do consider bartering.