Chrysalis Sacred Arts is an expression of creativity & happiness birthed from a Beloved relationship. As artists focused on the study of spirit, meditation & natural living, we express our adoration for life through our work in resin craft, permaculture, divination, & natural health. Our creative process has served as an outlet for our passions for various spiritual traditions, health & wellness and stewardship of the Earth. 

Our mission is to provide solutions & tools for meditation & personal well being. Within the practice of meditation is an access point to a deep well spring of energy to be utilized by the body and to clarify the mind. Through our artwork, we invite our patrons into this process and to tap into their higher nature. Accepting this invitation we offer utilize tools and solutions that assist us on the Path of Beauty & Wisdom. Higher living on this Path includes right relationship with oneself and the world around them. When in good health, this relationship blossoms and without it, the relationship is parasitic and unconscious. 


There are various allies on this Path of Beauty & Wisdom; the plants, stones, metals, minerals and animals. Through our work we incorporate the essence of these kingdoms to establish a resonance with their way of being. An intentional practice of working with these allies can lead one to experience Sacred Space; a place that awakens deeper insights and allows the opportunity to experience true Bliss. Nature encourages us to reconnect and become sensitive to the ways of natural living, which ultimately leads to this profound feeling of Bliss.

A simple Truth must be innerstood; we are embodied by Spirit. It is the essence of being, the underlying animate force that allows us to experience Life. We can become misaligned with our Spirit, where we find ourselves in conflict, confusion and distortion. Today’s culture is inconsiderate to this subtle Truth and as such created a paradigm of dis-ease and dis-comfort.  Our work is to help others to act from a foundation of balanced energies - instead of swimming against the current of an unnatural life.

Our resin crafts, termed Crystalis Amulets & Sacred Space Generators, utilize meditative intention, music, crystals, stones, metals, minerals and other natural materials to create a final work that is synergistic & intrinsic in its own nature. This work is built according to ancient wisdom, filled with an appreciation for life and radiates a firm reminder of wholeness & balance. It is a synthesis of our studies and is made with the upmost intention for the well being of all. Within our work are worlds of mystery & wonder, offering insight to a True way of being. May we learn to hear the whispers of Truth and act in harmony with it!

Our’s Forever,